Walking Jazz Lines for Bass - Table of Contents

by Jay Hungerford

Table Of Contents

The Fingerboard
Notes on the Staff
Basic Intervals
Basic Chord Structure
The Major Scale
Patterns Using the Major Scale
The Blues
Walking with Intervals
Adding Two-Measure Patterns (Blues)
Combining One and Two Measure Patterns (Blues)
I-IV-I Walking Patterns
I-IV-I Walking Exercise
Rhythm Changes
Rhythm Changes Exercise
Rhythm Changes Using 3rds
Rhythm Changes Using 5ths
The II-V-I Progression
ii-V-I Exercise
ii-V-I Written Exercise #1
ii-V-I Written Exercise #2
Two Measure Walking Patterns
Standard #1
Minor Walking Patterns
Standard #2
ii-V-i (Minor)
Standard #3
3/4 Walking Patterns
Standard #4 (3/4 Blues)
More Examples In 3/4
Standard #5 (Jazz Waltz)
The I-vi-ii-V Progression
Standard #6
Descending Minor
Standard #7
Half Step Movement
Unusual Chord Movement
V as a ii-V
Alternative Starting Notes
Added Notes
Ray Brown Walking the Blues with Added Notes

Part Two (Chords Only)
Standards 1 - 20

Part Three (Written Examples)
Standards 1 -20

Blues Variations
Rhythm Changes Variations
A Daily Exercise
Diatonic Exercises
Modes of the Major Scale
Recommended Song List
Bass Players
About the Author

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